Our integrated Technology Platform
A state-of-the-art technological foundation for sophisticated and professional clinical services.

100% compliant with all required regulatory aspects.
Technology in mind. Patients at heart.
ClinGenius DCT Platform

Leveraging your studies with powerful IoMT solutions tailored to your needs.

Our multisided DCT platform lets you increase the speed and reliability of your clinical trial with state of the art eCOA measures.
As one-serves-all solution, ClinGenius’ modular platform approach allows you to tailor each module specifically to your needs. eConsents, eDiary, virtual visits and a wide array of analytical solutions are only a part of what ClinGenius has to offer.

Patient focused

Digital platform as basis

Configurable services & tools

Easy to use devices and applications

Provided devices & device management

High security data handling and protection

In combination with ClinGenius’ digital platform, our DCT modules ensure your study success.


Digital signature


Virtual Visits


Notification & Alerts


Digital task flows


Instant data capture
Real-Time Reports


Device Providing
Device Setup & Management


Within the study process ClinGenius offers secure and easy to use eSignature technology, in order to ultimately document a patients consent.
Throughout the study your patients consent can be tracked and, if needed, reverified multiple times.

Study Profile & legal notice handovers

Tracked eConset indentifies patient’s potential uncertenties

Repeatable eConsent measures possible

Televisits Module

Our TeleVisits solution enables sites and study nurses to conduct remote visits efficiently while delivering onsite quality standards.

Convenient and professional visit experience for patients at home

1:1 patient care

Easy to use video and voice communication software

Preconfigured ClinGenius Devices for patients and clinical personnel

Patient Engagement Module

Our patient engagement software enables patient support teams to create the best possible experience for every patient throughout the complexity of clinical trials.

24/7 digital communication center with intelligent routing (for AEs and SAEs)

Service transparency through status updates & reminders

Patient payment and travel support

Patient education & guidance through digital coachings

Virtual Protocol Wizard

We transfer clinical trial protocols into user oriented task flows, enabling protocol conform virtual step-by-step guidance through each visit. These protocols can be the displayed through smart glasses or on a variety of mobile devices.

Digital taskflows and checklists

Easy to set up and customize

Less errors when dealing with patient

Virtual Documentation Genius

Concentrate on your patients, we handle the documentation work for you. With our our electronic documentation capure (EDC) assistance you will have more focus and time for your patients.

Direct documentation into eCRF

Check & approve documentation after the visit

Live reporting of AEs and SAEs

Trigger standard workflows after reporting S/AEs

Full Circle Device Management

The device being used to engage with the patient needs to be carefully selected, set up and monitored.
ClinGenius offers easy to use devices and device management services, that ensure a stable connection and exchange of information with your patients.

Access to suitable devices

Device SetUps

Device Maintenance

Device Usage/ Behaviour Monitoring

Blacklist non-medical applications

InHouse software system

Ensured security standards

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